Make sure to bring following documents to the race:

  • Third-party liability Insurance that cover amounts of a minimum
    SEK 10,000,000 on water and land is required, Acopy of your policy, written in clear English, must be produced at registration.

  • The race office will be able to sell third party insurances to a cost of 50EUR at registration if you don’t cover the amount of 10 000 000SEK with your own insurance.
  • Official letter of Start Approval from your National Authority
    (F500, F250 and OSY400)

  • Entry form stamped & endorsed by your National Authority (F500, F250 and OSY400)

  • Measurement Certificate (F500, F250, OSY400, GT15 and GT30)

  • Current International License (F500, F250 and OSY400)

  • Current National License (GT15, GT30 and Classic)

  • IBAN number in standard format for transfer of Travel/start,
    price money (F500 and F250)


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